Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Going through local stuff from Flickr, I found these recent shot of the Run Hide Survive lads.

The backdrop is an early square fractal design I did. The squares expand from a point in the fibonnaci sequence, cos I was loving it at the time. I'd never taken any pictures of it so was crazy to see it on the net. One of the people who use the space has said he finds it quite intimidating in the flesh, with a giant maroon monolith constantly hovering over his head. critics.

I really like what geometry does to the shape of space and how we perceive it.

The fisheye's made it look amazing - have a look at more of the photographer's work over at chimpola.com. He's taken photos of just about every Sheffield band going and half of Yorkshire's - in a tough game he's got a real style to his work.

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