Sunday, 14 December 2008

You've got some blue on you.

This is where my true passion lies. Getting high as fuck on solvents in small confined strange shaped spaces, covering my arms as much as the walls in paint. Frowning trying to fuck up spraying in an evenly spaced mess.

This is in a new bar in town - run by Arctic Monkeys and Threads lads. I'm really pleased with how its gone, the right amount of fuckups and the right amount of mad stencil complexity - approached it with the same image in my head that translated onto the walls.

They also have the dubious honour of my first ever pair of toilet doors. I've gone off the girl already but more flatcaps is the way forward.

I've got the new NowThen underway - with this absolutely ridiculous artist illustrating it... going by the name of Nychos from Austria...

He's one of those stupidly prolific artists that makes me do a little bit of sick in my mouth, and is doing us a custom cover and poster for the January issue, along with new content from his American shows. Can't wait.

Feedback always appreciated, no point in putting this stuff online without people giving their two pence. Tell me what you think, even if it is critical and well thought-out abuse, I probably appreciate that to general compliments.



  1. Feelin the flat caps jones! it look really impressive when you walk up to the supreme being shop m8y....well done!

  2. I dunno Matt, I think the lady is far superior to the bloke - the flat cap it bit too bleakly realist for my liking whereas the girl's more serene and flowing.

    Actually I can see why we disagree :D